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Will I have to share a room?

  • No, all rooms are sole occupancy unless you share with a friend or partner.

Do I have to partake in all workshops & activity sessions?

  • This is your weekend, you can choose to fill it as you wish.

Are the workshops held in the conference style?

  • Our workshops will be held before lunch, in a relaxed setting, no conference rooms or uncomfortable chairs here, think sofas and cups of tea.

Do I have to be physically fit to attend?

  • No, however, you will be asked to fill our booking form, part of which covers health/fitness. This will enable us to adapt sessions for you if needs be.

Do you cater for vegetarian/vegan/gluten free etc..?

  • Yes, please ensure you let us know on the booking form.

Is alcohol allowed at your events?

  • There is a licensed bar on the premises. You're in charge of your wellness weekend, however, we're not encouraging a piss up!

What treatments will be on offer?

  •  TBC soon!

Will I get a chance to explore the area?

  • Yes, there is free time each afternoon and we're right on a public footpath if you want to explore by foot.

What does Zaol mean?

  • It is a play on words. Irish word Saol which means life combined with the fact it sounds like 'Sail'. Plus we like Z.

WTF is BeZaol! and BeZonk! ?

  • BeZaol! is our morning wake up stretch designed by us to get your blood flowing and ready for the day.
  • BeZonk! is time to put your PJ's on and wind down.

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