Frequently asked questions

What does Zaol mean?

It is a play on words. Irish word Saol which means life combined with the fact it sounds like 'Sail'. Plus we like Z.

WTF is BeZaol! and BeZonk!?

BeZaol! is our morning wake up stretch designed by us to get your blood flowing and ready for the day. BeZonk! is time to put your PJ's on and wind down.

Can't see your question -

Drop us a message at or call on 07952 263 103

Will I have to share a room?

No, all rooms are sole occupancy unless you share with a friend or partner.

Do I have to partake in all workshops & activity sessions?

This is your time, you can choose to fill it as you wish.

Are the workshops held in the conference style?

Our workshops will be held before lunch, in a relaxed setting, no conference rooms or uncomfortable chairs here, think sofas and cups of tea.

Do I have to be physically fit to attend?

No, however, you will be asked to fill our booking form, part of which covers health/fitness. This will enable us to adapt sessions for you if needs be.

Do you cater for vegetarian/vegan/gluten free etc..?

Yes, please ensure you let us know on the booking form.

Is alcohol allowed at your events?

At the Winter Wellness event there is a licensed bar on the premises. You're in charge of your wellness weekend, however, we're not encouraging a piss up!

What treatments will be on offer?

This varies at each event; may include Indian Head massage, Swedish massage, Myofascial Release massage, Aromatherapy massage etc...

Will I get a chance to explore the area?

One day events - We'd like to think you'll spend the immersed in the activities we put on! Weekends - Yes, there is free time each afternoon and we're right on a public footpath if you want to explore by foot.

What is Myofascial release?

Fascia is a connective tissue. In simple terms think of your fascia as a second skin that covers you from head to toe & back again (around organs & muscle fibres)! If it didn't exist your bones would fall to the floor! This treatment frees restrictions within these connective tissues. It is performed without oil or wax, can be incredibly light or incredibly deep depending on the area of tension. A unique way to get out of pain. It can help with carpal tunnel syndrome through to migraines and so much more. Please send direct specific questions to Esmé at